ResNet Discussion List (ResNet-L)

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Join the online discussions on topics that affect student technology on and beyond college and university campuses!

ResNet-L, a listserv previously hosted by the University of Notre Dame, has been moved to the domain. The new home for the list, a Google Group, is (in this case, STC stands for Student Technology Collaboration). To ensure a smooth transition, the list also has an alias of resnet-l@resnetinc.orgNotre Dame will forward mail sent to the old listserv address, as well.

To join, visit!forum/stc and subscribe to the group.

If you do not have a Google account but wish to join the group, please email and you will be manually subscribed.

Some of the top trending discussions among our group recently have included print tracking/accounting systems, addressing compromised e-mail accounts, WiFi-only residence halls, antivirus software, student laptop ownership requirements, wireless access for guests on campus, and connecting Amazon Echo devices to the network.