Host a Student Technology Conference

Why Host the Student Technology Conference?

Hosting a ResNet Student Technology Conference is one the most beneficial ways to give back to the ResNet community. Any past host will tell you that hosting is an incredibly intense and challenging undertaking, but also an incredibly rewarding experience. In addition, hosting brings national recognition to your campus and an opportunity to promote your campus’ offerings. Past hosts have also said that hosting led to strengthened relationships with other departments on campus as well as other community members.


Thank you for considering submitting a bid to host the Student Technology Conference.
It is important to understand that each year’s Student Technology Conference is sponsored by a single institution or closely related consortium that chooses to host the conference, as selected by the ResNet Board of Directors based on the recommendation of the Conference Selection Committee. The conference host, in conjunction with the Vice President of Conference Management and the conference Program Chairperson, is responsible for coordinating conference elements, including housing options, program facilities, on-campus transportation, special events, and meal options. Financial responsibility for conducting the Student Technology Conference belongs to ResNet, Inc., but the conference host is responsible for setting and maintaining a conference budget.  The conference budget is a central component of the bid to host the conference and is described in more detail below. The Board of Directors encourages bids from institutions to host the conference either on their local campus or in a commercial facility in their area. The Board also welcomes bids from 2 or more institutions that wish to host the conference jointly in their region. It is essential to get support from your divisional and institutional leadership before submitting a bid due to the time and resource commitments involved in hosting. Please carefully consider all options as you review your interest.

Conference Format

While there are no rigid rules for the format of a Student Technology Conference — traditionally, the conference has begun with an opening banquet followed by three full days of sessions, including a keynote speaker, a Sponsor Fair, and a closing banquet. A one day Professional Development Seminar (PDS) precedes the conference.

  • The conference is typically scheduled during late June when most colleges and universities are not in regular session.
  • The annual Student Technology Conference hosts approximately 100 persons each year. The number of vendors has ranged from but is not limited to 10-25.
  • A list of past conferences is available, which includes links to some past conference sites. This will give you an idea of past conference formats.

What does hosting involve?

To give you an idea of what hosting involves, see the outline of host institution responsibilities.

Submitting a Bid to Host

For guidelines on bid submission, see submitting a host bid.
If you’re interested in submitting a bid to host, contact