Host Bid Planning

Institutions interested in hosting the Student Technology Conference will submit a bid approximately two and a half years prior to the Conference they are bidding for (e.g. bids for the 2017 Conference are due early 2015).

The following information should assist in the planning process for institutions submitting a bid to host.

Gather your team before submitting a bid

  • Chair/Co-chair appointments
  • Web and document information and development
  • Housing contacts
  • Dining Services contacts
  • Database specialist for registration services
  • Physical Plant/Grounds
  • Finance person to manage conference budget
  • Conference Coordinator
  • Conference art designer for advertisement and giveaways (logos)

Produce your Student Technology Conference Bid Web Page

  • Core Host Team
  • On campus conference housing
  • Keynote and presentation
  • Dining Facilities
  • Letters of Commitment
  • Budget
  • Area information

Verify potential dates that your institution can support

  • If possible determine primary and secondary dates for the conference
  • If possible avoid the week before and of July 4
  • If possible avoid Father’s day weekend

Verify Availability

  • Keynote and presentation spaces
  • On campus housing for up to 250
  • Dining Facilities to accommodate 100-300+
  • Opening and closing event location
  • Off campus hotel availability

Verify Financial Responsibilities

  • Contracts and event locations that require a deposit
  • Develop a budget to submit for the bid process following the bid guidelines

Receive support from responsible institution administration

Suggestions include:

  • Letter of Commitment from President/Chancelor
  • Letter of Commitment from your department Vice President/Vice Chancelor
  • Letter of Commitment from leadership within your department
  • Letter(s) of Support from department(s) that will assist you with the conference

Site Visit by Conference Selection Committee members

  • Have proposed on campus housing options available for viewing
  • Have keynote and presentation facilities available
  • Visit projected dining facilities
  • Visit hotel for off campus
  • Visit the Doc Fair Area
  • Visit the Vendor Fair Area
  • Visit options for the Professional Development Seminar (PDS)
  • Show any other areas that you think will help your bid
  • If possible schedule a meal with your institutional support and leadership partners and the site visit team.