Submitting a Bid to Host

Placing a Bid to Host the conference

The “Bid to Host” process is a three-phased process.

Phase 1

The initial phase consists of a letter of intent to bid to be submitted to the Conference Selection Committee ( This letter should include the reasons for wanting to host at your institution (or other site). A letter of support from your immediate supervisor is also required.
Deadline for 2019 Bid: March 16, 2018

Letter of Intent Template

Letter of Support Template

Phase 2

The second phase is to submit a web based bid proposal (example). Should you win the bid, this site can serve as the starting point for the conference web site. The website must be sent to the Conference Selection Committee ( by the deadlines listed below. During Phase 2, the Conference Selection Committee will review the web based bid proposal and budget, and may contact the bid host with additional questions before proceeding to Phase 3.
Deadline for 2019 Bid: May 25, 2018

Detailed Information for Bid Web Site

Phase 3

Once through the initial bid stages, institutions advancing to the final phase will be asked to host 2 selection committee members for a site visit. Costs associated with lodging, meals, and local travel will fall upon the bidding institution(s). Additional travel expenses (air, mileage, etc.) to the campus will be at the expense of ResNet, Inc.

Detailed Information for Site Visit

Additional Information

These associated Hosting & Program Documents will provide you with additional information on the bid process, hosting the conference and the host and program committee relationship.

2020 Bid Important Dates

  • March 16, 2018: Letter of intent to bid due (Phase 1 deadline)
  • May 25, 2018: Web-based bid proposal due (Phase 2 deadline)
  • Early May: Selection of finalist host institution(s)
  • Late May: Site visits to finalist host institution(s) (Phase 3)
  • Early June: Notification of host institution selection

Contact Information

Questions or comments about this document or the bid process, in addition to all bid documentation should be submitted to the Conference Selection Committee.