ResNet presents the annual Student Technology Conference in mid-to-late June. Each year, a different higher education institution hosts the conference on their campus. The 2024 Conference will be hosted by University of California- Santa Cruz, where we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Student Technology Conference!

Some of the top trending discussions among our group recently have included:

  • Ticketing systems and asset management
  • Loaner laptops
  • Late equipment fines and other penalties
  • Media production checkout operations
  • Checkout software
  • Lecture capture systems
  • Maker spaces
  • Wireless access points
  • Internet security
  • Malware protection software
  • DEI in higher ed technology
  • Print tracking/accounting systems
  • Addressing compromised e-mail accounts
  • WiFi-only residence halls
  • Antivirus software
  • Women in technology leadership
  • Student laptop ownership requirements
  • Supervising and leading student staff
  • Wireless access for guests

Established in 1992, ResNet STC remains a premier platform for exchanging knowledge, best practices, and emerging trends in the field. We are dedicated to advancing higher education technologies and services to equip students for success in the digital era. Join us in our mission to cultivate a technologically enriched academic environment and elevate the student journey.

From immersive educational experiences to enhanced academic support, colleges and universities worldwide are harnessing technology to enrich the student experience. As technology advances, academic institutions are revolutionizing the way students both learn and live on campus.

Through dynamic discussions covering the planning, implementation, and support of student technologies, participants stay abreast of the latest trends and optimal strategies in this swiftly evolving domain. With ample opportunities for networking and collaboration, attendees opt to remain on campus, engaging with industry peers.

Past Conferences

1994 – Stanford University
1995 – Stanford University
1996 – Stanford University
1997 – Wellesley College
1998 – Emory University
1999 – Kent State University
2000 – University of Pennsylvania
2001 – Stanford University
2002 – University at Buffalo
2003 – Ferris State University
2004 – Princeton University
2005 – Georgia Institute of Technology
2006 – Bowling Green State University
2007 – University of California San Diego
2008 – University of New Brunswick
2009 – St. Cloud State University
2010 – Western Washington University
2011 – Yale University
2012 – The Claremont Colleges
2013 – Purdue University
2014Mercyhurst University
2015Michigan Technological University
2016University of Nevada, Las Vegas
2017Western Carolina University
2018University of Colorado Boulder
2019Washington University in St. Louis
2020University of California, Santa Cruz (Cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic)
2021 – Virtual Conference
2022 – Virtual Conference
2023 – Virtual Conference
2024University of California, Santa Cruz