Host Committee Information

The list below provides Student Technology Conference Hosts with a guideline on the variety of services and items that need attention when hosting the conference. This list is not “all-inclusive,” and may vary due to your institution’s conference services support and needs of the conference program.

Finance / Conference Registration

As a member of the Conference Finance Committee, create a budget and ensure a profitable conference.

Pre-conference Registration

  • Web site with conference registration and other details
  • Database for collecting registration information
  • Confirmation e-mail sent to registrant
  • Payment and transaction
  • RegOnline has been used since ResNet 2004 for conference registration and is PCI compliant.

Conference Check-in

  • Registration site at conference
  • Dates and times for registration availability (and dealing with off-hours arrivals)
  • Tables & chairs for Registration staff
  • Conference items/giveaways (including t-shirts)
  • Silent Auction items
  • Computers for staff to verify attendee information or register (optional)
  • Room assignment and keys


Arrange/Coordinate Dining Areas

  • Tents and patio heaters for outdoor events
  • Presentation and announcement audio/visuals
  • Tables
  • Chairs

Meals at the Conference

  • Committee meal(s) prior to and after the conference
  • Board of Directors meetings
  • Host/Program/Board reception/dinner (optional)
  • PDS lunch for all attendees
  • 4-5 Breakfasts
  • 5-6 Breaks (special dietary need selection and water suggested)
  • 3 Lunches
  • Opening Reception / Dinner
  • Closing Reception / Dinner


To/From Airport

  • Shuttle service (optional)
    • On-campus provider or outside vendor

Around Campus

  • Shuttle from off campus housing location
  • Shuttle to/from PDS
  • Parking passes
  • Possible directional and other signage
  • Directional signs to buildings
  • Directional signs to presentation and keynote facilities


  • Opening/Closing Events
  • Half-day activities


  • Sponsorship notices at meals
  • Sponsorship notices at breaks
  • Banner
  • Conference welcome

Housing and Program Facilities

Reserving Facilities

  • Housing areas
  • Activity areas
  • Keynote
  • Presentation Sessions
  • Potential BoF areas and rooms
  • Tech support in each facility
  • Conference support area (program chair)

Technical Needs

  • Technical lead for each program session (to assist with A/V and other technical needs)
  • Speaker Systems in event and presentation facilities
  • Media services to capture presentations
  • Photography (possible support from Program Committee)
  • Computer lab
  • Wireless capability in housing and presentation areas
  • Student employees to assist with setup and support
  • Radios or phones for communication among your staff

Optional Activities

  • Recreation (mornings and evenings)
  • Sponsored free afternoon/night activities

Art Design

  • T-Shirts for
    • Conference attendees
    • Host Committee members
    • Steering/Program Committee members
    • Your technical staff
  • Other Conference items

Conference Program/Binder

  • Conference and Presentation Schedule
  • Schedule at a Glance
  • Menu Information
  • Keynote Speaker Info
  • List of attendees by name and institution
  • Phone and room location of attendees if available
  • Voice Mail info if available
  • Board, Host, Program Committee Information
  • Information about surrounding area
  • Institutional information

Keynote Speaker

  • Contract
  • Honorarium
  • Travel Expenses
  • Airline Tickets
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Transportation


  • Off Campus Hotels
  • On-campus Housing
  • Linen Service
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Towels and washcloths
  • Keys
  • ID’s for door readers (if needed)
  • Name Cards for each room (optional)
  • Access for off-campus guests to on-campus facilities

Program & Board Meetings

  • Board of Directors meetings
    • Room reservation
    • Meal (generally a lunch and break items)
  • Board, Host, Program Committee Dinner (optional)
    • Room reservation
    • Meal
  • Program Committee
    • Room reservation
    • Access to presentation rooms

Professional Development Seminars (PDS)

  • Facility
  • Morning break location
  • Lunch location
  • Afternoon break

Giveaways & Gifts

  • Attendee
    • Bags (optional)
    • Giveaways (optional)
    • Conference Pins (optional)
    • Shirts
    • Name Tags
    • ID/Name tag Holder
  • Keynote gift
  • Presenter gifts
  • PDS faculty gifts


Host Committee Responsibilities

  • Shipping/Receiving for vendor materials
  • Booth/Table rental and setup company
  • Room and facility reservations

In Cooperation with Director of External Relations

  • Invitation letters
  • Follow-up e-mails
  • Follow up phone calls
  • Registration system for vendors
  • Vendor raffle for attendees

Vendor Track Presentations

  • Presentation space near the Vendor Fair
  • Audio/visual needs
  • Coordination with Program Committee Chair


It is essential to the hosting process that assessment of conference attendees in various areas is collected and analyzed. Examples of areas where feedback should be collected are as follows:

  • Overall Conference (in conduction with Board of Directors)
  • PDS (in conjunction with PDS Committee)
  • Individual presentations (in conjunction with Program Chair)