Program Content

Presentation Sessions

Each conference is focused around a number of program themes. Recent themes have included:

  • Mobility
  • Education and Learning Technologies
  • Security & Policy
  • Strategic Planning: Envisioning the Future
  • Support Operations
  • Cool Tools
  • Leadership & Management

Recent presentations have included:

  • Building Relationships and Recognition with those you Serve
  • Supporting Mobility through Flexible Architecture
  • From Crisis to Calm: Disaster Recovery Planning and Communication Strategies
  • Managing in these Uncertain Times
  • Running a Campus Authorized Service Center: Benefits and Challenges
  • Hiring, Training, and Retaining Top-Notch Staff
  • Virtual Computing in Public Spaces
  • Student Email Solutions

Professional Development Seminars

Professional Development Seminars (PDS) are held the day before the main conference. These sessions offer a chance for attendees to learn from experts in a given field, and spend more time going in-depth.

Recent Professional Development Seminars have included:
  • Advanced Windows Malware Detection and Removal
  • Photoshop Fundamentals – Introductory Session
  • Sticky, Brainy, & Brave: Improving your Professional Presentations
  • Leading in Turbulent Times: Setting up Employees for Success
  • Afternoon Sessions
  • Network Security Warrior Bootcamp for the coming Malware Apocalypse
  • Photoshop Fundamentals – Advanced Session
  • Managing Projects Effectively, or… ‘How to Herd Cats’
  • Managing Technical Staff