Site Visit Information

Institutions should be prepared to show examples of the following during the site visit:


  • Size of local Airport / availability of flights
  • Transportation to & from Airport

General Campus

  • Distance walked between buildings used
  • Convenience of campus transportation used to address distance between venues
  • Distance to local businesses


  • Quality of residential rooms
  • Residence Hall amenities
  • Hotels specified for conference
  • Lounge / BoF space
  • Conference venue
  • Presentation rooms
  • Specialty rooms (used for activities such as Pub Trivia, Town Hall Meeting, etc.)
  • Professional Development location
  • Break areas
  • BoF locations
  • Opening Reception/Dinner location
  • Meal locations
  • Keynote location
  • Vendor Fair location
  • Closing Event & location (list of possible locations)
  • Free day activities (list of possible activities)

General Items for Review

  • Draft Schedule
  • Draft Budget

During the course of the site visit, it is essential that the selection committee representatives meet with potential host committee members. While not an interview, the site visit is a time for the selection committee to accurately understand the qualifications and talents of the potential host committee members. The goal is for the selection committee representatives to come away with a full understanding of the potential host committee’s ability to fulfill all of the aspects of organizing and hosting the conference.

The Board’s goal is to name the successful bidder as soon as practical after the site visits (and no later than April 15, 2015) to allow the new host committee to attend the post-conference Board meeting. Please feel free to contact the President of the Board for more information, such as referrals to others for specific advice, as well as status updates (whether this be your particular status or the Board’s projected decision making schedule). The Board attempts to work with time pressures (requesting deadline extensions or expedited decisions) as best possible without endangering the overall selection process.