Institutions are selected by the selection committee in the fall about two years prior to the conference they are hosting (e.g. host institution for 2016 Student Technology Conference are selected in fall 2014).

The following information should assist in the planning process for host institutions after being selected.

Host Committee

Appoint Committee Chair.
Designate host committee members and their respective roles.
Schedule regular planning meetings with the host committee teams.


  • Coordination with ResNet Inc. Host Committee on Conference planning
  • Coordination with Program Committee
  • Coordination with ResNet Inc. Finance Committee on budget approval
  • Registration process, on line and processing payments
  • Conference Services
    • T-Shirt Exchange
    • Activities
    • Documentation Fair
    • Conference information (web, binder)
  • Space needs
    • Opening event
    • Keynote and presentation facilities
    • PDS location
    • Closing event
  • Keynote Speaker selection
  • Dining/Catering coordination
  • Conference Packet
  • Vendor relations, fair and tracks
  • Off Campus Housing
  • Transportation to and from conference, airport, events
  • Signage (there can never be too much)
  • Technical needs in all facilities

Conference Web Site

  • Initial site should be up by conference preceding yours
  • Link to site
  • Registration should go live in mid to late March
    • Use An account will be provided for you by the Board of Directors
    • Accept checks and credit cards (MasterCard and Visa accepted)
    • Housing fees generally separated from conference fees
  • All important information should be found on the site by this time
    • Driving parking information
      • Driving directions
      • Parking pass info
      • Should people drive?
    • Registration cancellation date for refund
    • On site registration times
    • Housing cancellation date for refund
  • Draft of conference schedule
  • Confirmed, presentation schedule should be up by middle to late May


  • Direct entry
  • Final billing page before submitting
  • Confirmation of registration received
  • E-mail confirming charges and what balance is if any
  • Full information about refund policy
  • Guest information in detail (if allowing guests)
    • Charge for staying in same room
    • Charge for all meals
    • Charge for just opening and closing event

Coordination with Program Committee

  • Posting of the selected conference presentations
  • Information for conference binder