Program Committee

How to Volunteer

If you’d like to volunteer to help with the 2017 Student Technology Conference at Western Carolina University, please visit to sign up!

If you’d like to volunteer to help with future Student Technology Conferences, please email


There are many different ways to help out with the conference, each one of them vital to its success. If you’re interested in helping out in more than one area, that’s fine!

PDS Committee

Timeline: Late November through the end of the Conference (mid-June)
Members of the PDS Committee meet regularly (generally every 2 weeks via conference call or Google Hangout). Members decide on themes and aid in the search for presenters.


Volunteers for BoFs help come up with BoF topics, find people willing to host or moderate them, and work with the conference hosts to set up for BoFs during the conference (locations, signs, etc).

Theme Guide

Theme Guides solicit, review, and help refine presentations for their theme.


Help write, edit, and collect content for the newsletter sent out nightly during the conference.


Photographers take photos, of course. They also collect, tag, organize photos that other people take to be hosted on the web. Photographers also put together the traditional end-of-conference slideshow.


Help proofread content for the ResNet conference. This includes program guide, website, presentation descriptions, and much more.

Activities (Trivia/Jeopardy, Geek Olympics, etc)

Activities volunteers help come up with ideas for fun new activities, and prepare for them. This may include Pub Trivia and/or Jeopardy, Geek Olympics, board games, etc.

Vendor Fair

Vendor Fair volunteers help with identifying potential vendors, setting up for the Vendor Fair, and working with the Vendors to make sure they have what they need for the event.

Keynote Speaker

Volunteer to help search for the next Keynote Speaker!

Silent Auction

Volunteer to help solicit, organize, tag, and prepare donations for the Silent Auction. Volunteers also help run the auction, collect funds, and distribute gifts to winning bidders.

Welcome / Newcomer’s Event

Volunteers for the Welcome / Newcomers Event help brainstorm ideas for the event (e.g. newcomer’s people bingo) and organize the event during the conference.