About ResNet, Inc.


ResNet, Inc. is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and research of technology support, with a strong focus on educational and student technologies and their integration with the academic mission.

About Us

Conceived in 1992, ResNet is an international organization providing a forum for discussion, collaboration, and development for IT professionals in higher education. Students, faculty, staff, and vendors participate in ResNet both through the ResNet Listserv and by attending the annual Student Technology Conference. The ResNet organization is dedicated to the research and advancement of student technologies and services and their use in higher education.


The ResNet organization is led by a Board of Directors.

Discussion List

The ResNet Listserv is the central discussion list for the ResNet organization, and includes students, staff, and faculty from more than 275 academic institutions. These members use the list to discuss the latest technologies; solicit feedback, suggestions, or assistance on both technical and non-technical topics; and collaborate with colleagues around the world.

Student Technology Conference

The Student Technology Conference (formerly known as the ResNet Symposium) is the flagship annual event hosted by the ResNet organization. Each June, the conference is hosted on the campus of a different collaborating institution of higher education.

1994 – Stanford University
1995 – Stanford University
1996 – Stanford University
1997 – Wellesley College
1998 – Emory University
1999 – Kent State University
2000 – University of Pennsylvania
2001 – Stanford University
2002 – University at Buffalo
2003 – Ferris State University
2004 – Princeton University
2005 – Georgia Institute of Technology
2006 – Bowling Green State University
2007 – University of California – San Diego
2008 – University of New Brunswick
2009 – St Cloud State University
2010 – Western Washington University
2011 – Yale University
2012 – The Claremont Colleges
2013 – Purdue University
2014 – Mercyhurst University
2015 – Michigan Technological University
2016 – University of Nevada Las Vegas
2017 – Western Carolina University
2018 – University of Colorado Boulder